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I joined Farrell’s two years ago with a friend in order to get in shape and haven’t stopped coming to the 5AM class ever since! The encouragement and guidance I received from my coaches was invaluable. I’ve changed my eating habits and lost weight which was what I wanted but more importantly it’s impacted other parts of my life. It’s a cliché but I do have more energy and lead a more active life now. When I was asked about any interest in co-coaching with another FIT member I decided that it would be a good way for to me to recommit as well as give the new 10-weekers the same encouragement and help that I received when I first joined. I was surprised when coaching did just as much for me as for the new members. Even after two years, I find the classes to still be challenging and just when I feel that I can’t go any longer, I hear an instructor or a classmate’s voice and I know that I can “just do it”!
(Showing 1 - 5 of 21)

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3201 W Fullerton Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

Phone: (773) 698-7855
Head Coach: Jason Hedden
Email: info@farrellschicago.com  
Franchise Owner: Jason Hedden
Email: info@farrellschicago.com