Logan Square, IL

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Jan. 14 - Mar. 25, 2017

April 8 - June 17, 2017

July 8 - September 16, 2017

October 7 - December 16, 2017


Winter Orientation:
January 14 @ 7AM

Are You Ready To Transform at Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping!  farrells-enroll-button

Enroll Early and save on tuition!

Enroll March 1 - 5th (save 40% - code SPRING40)
Enroll March 6 - 12th (save 35% - code SPRING35)
Enroll March 13 - 19th (save 30% - code SPRING30)
Enroll March 20 - 26th (save 25% - code SPRING25)
Enroll March 27 - April 1 (save 20% - code SPRING20)

April 1st and beyond full rate applies.


Time to Enroll in Farrell's Fall 10-Week Challenge!

Join the premier fitness program in Chicago as you add muscle, lose fat and transform your body and mind. No gimmicks, just fun exercise! Winter enrollments open through Saturday, January 14th!  Enroll early to secure your spot!

Our 10-Week Session includes: 
  • 60 Instructor-led Kickboxing and Strength Training classes
  • A small, supportive team with a coach
  • Boxing gloves and wraps
  • Student manual with lots of tips and additional resources
  • 3 Fitness evaluations
  • Before and after photos
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Entry into 10 Week biggest transformation contest
  • Supportive and encouraging environment
  • FULL RATE purchase includes MyZone Heart Rate Technology and personal Heart Rate Monitor.


Local News

6 Ways to Get (and Stay) Motivated

Motivation is a psychological game. You’ve heard the phrase “mind over matter” and that’s exactly how you need to think about motivation. It’s that crucial piece of the puzzle to achieving your goals. For some, motivation comes easy. For others, it doesn’t. Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is unique in that our community of members helps keep each other motivated and accountable.

Coach ProfileMeet Our Team

I began my journey with FXB in June 2014 when a friend suggested joining Logan Square’s 10 week summer session as a way for me shake up my workout routine of running and lifting weights that was becoming bland. After the ten week session I quickly realized I couldn’t get the high intensity I did with FXB on my own at a regular gym and decided to become a FIT member. Always having been big into fitness being a runner in my youth, having 7 athletic siblings and a father that was a physical education teacher and coach, when an instructor approached me along with a few fellow FIT members to ask if I had ever considered instructing. In November of 2015 I began instructing classes. FXB has allowed me to bring my fitness to a new level and get beyond that plateau I felt I was at, making me feel stronger, tougher and more confident than I ever was before. Whenever I have a day where I feel the struggle to get to Farrell’s or through an intense workout I think of something my father said often – “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” so get going, keep going, get tough, be tough stay tough.
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Life at Level 10®Follow Our Blog

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Blog

The Best Prize

After bidding on a Farrell's membership at a charity event and winning, David took the chance to get in better shape at Farrell's and hasn't looked back since. Check out his story and see how far he has come.

Focus on Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Weight loss is different than fat loss. The Farrell’s program focuses on fat loss. You may have noticed when we highlight our $1,000 winners, we don’t mention total weight lost, but we do mention total body fat lost. There’s a difference. It’s important to understand what that difference is to help you reach goals and sustain them.



10-Week Challenge

  • Fitness Kickboxing Classes
  • Group Strength Training Classes
  • Easy-to-Follow Nutrition Plan
  • Fitness Evaluations & Photos
  • Individual Coaching & Team Support
  • 10 Week Contest


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